24ª Pão de Açúcar Alternative Marathon SP

The 24ª Pão de Açúcar Alternative Marathon SP happened on Sunday 18. The start happened  at Pedro Alvares Cabral Avenue, next to Ibirapuera’s Obelisk. The competition consisted on 42.195 meters. Daibase participed of marathon with a team of 8 athletes, led by captain Carlos K. Daibase congratulates all the employess who accepted challenge and  completed the marathon […]

Junina Festival

For our tradition, Daibase organized a Junina Festival on July 22 with all the rights that the occasion permits. Cakes, pies, canjica (grated corn, sugar, coconut milk and cinnamon), pastries were on the menu, besides appropriate dress. The combinations of all of these elements provided moments of integration and fun among employees.