Electroplating Equipment

We have designed the equipment according to your need (AUTOCAD). As your specialist in surface finishing within the project are considered the low water consumption, the rationalization of electrical energy use, the optimization of manpower and the reduction of volume of effluents to be treated, connected to an equipment designed ergonomically and with low maintenance cost. The Daibase products have their own technology, turned to the high performance and the operator’s well being, complying with all safety and protection criteria.

The automatic lines allow for the operation with barrels or racks, through automatic     transporters commanded by software of simple or multiple programming.
Low initial investment, with high flexibility. Allow great versatility for diverse productions, according to the type of workpiece or bath. They are operated with cars, electric hoists.
Designed for reels or spools, high yield, with minimum use of hand labor. They are especially suitable for bathing in ribbons, pins and terminals. Allow selective baths and layer control.
Designed for small batches of highly diverse parts or production and are idealized for use in laboratories or noble baths. They are especially suitable for use in the semi- jewelry and jewelry market.
Model Daibase size or line, designed in polypropylene, low-voltage and high-performance engine, exclusive monobloc sliding cover, walls perforated polypropylene for various capacities.
Model Daibase for continuous or periodic filtration, designed in polypropylene filter disks injected polypropylene, screws and clamps stainless steel, reverse flow , discs or cartridge and for various flow rates.
Designed according to your need and can be made of plastic ( PP , PVC, HDPE , Acrylic, PVDF, CPVC ) or steel (stainless and carbon) coated PP, resins or Ebonite and accessories.