The Daibase

DAIBASE is traditional manufacturer of industrial equipment. Our line of products comprises equipment for galvanoplasty, chemical handling and anti-pollution.

On the line of equipment for galvanoplasty, we design and manufacture automatic, semi-automatic and manual full lines, in addition to all additional accessories and equipment, such as filter-pumps, revolving drums, centrifuges, heating and cooling systems, tanks and special coating.

On the line of equipment for handling chemicals, we design and manufacture tanks for storage and transport of corrosive liquids and we develop special projects according to the customer’s need.

On the line of anti-pollution equipment, we produce equipment for air and effluent treatment. We design and manufacture full exhaustion systems, including collectors, piping, exhaustion fans and scrubbers. For treating effluents, we produce, according to the customer’s project, tanks, coating, mixers, pumps and pump-filters. DAIBASE’s products feature the leading-edge technology and we perform true partnership works with assured quality together with our commercial partners as they can attest themselves.

This way, we are sending you information available on our company so as to certify us before technical and commercial departments of your company, as partner in the development of your activities. We thank you for your attention and we are at your services for any further information you may need.


Founded in 1978, DAIBASE began as metallurgical industry light boiler. Then, Daibase dedicated to the manufacture of carbon steel equipment, such as tanks and industrial ventilation. He devoted himself also to the sale of chemical processes to folhação (gold) and maintenance galvanic equipment.


In 1992, with the renewal of the board and employees, Daibase began a new moment, specializing in equipment for surface treatment and exhaust systems and gas washing. Currently, also manufactures special tanks for the chemical industry and equipment for wastewater treatment.

Over the years, it expanded its market share. With a team constantly updated and highly specialized, combined with a new plan evolved technologically. Established several partnerships, participated and participates in national and international fairs, always aiming at its development and technological upgrading.

Currently, it is a leading manufacturer of equipment for surface treatment and exhaust system providing its customers with assured quality, the latest technology and provide differentiated service, as can attest to the numerous trading partners, and secured by own certificate.